HKCEC Hall 1 24-27/12/2021


Exhibition Hall’s Preventive and Safety Measures


The Organizer has implemented the following measures, including,

  1. All people must wear face mask to enter exhibition hall before admission, and must be worn throughout the visit.
  2. All people must use “LeaveHomeSave” app or scan QR code to register personal information before admission.
  3. All people are required to pass the temperature check at the hall entrance before admission. Any person with temperature on or over 37℃ will be denied entry.
  4. Any people under mandatory quarantine or wearing electronic wristband are restricted to enter;
  5. All people must keep a social distance upon visitor.
  6. Eating and drinking is allowed in the fairground.
  7. The Organizer will arrange staff, exhibitors, and other staff to undergo a " COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test" before the exhibition and obtain a valid proof of negative result.
  8. The Organizer will arrange "Epidemic Prevention Ambassadors" for inspection to make sure exhibitors and visitors follow the measures. All offenders will be denied to enter or asked to leave the fairground immediately.
  9. Hand sanitizers will be placed at exhibition halls’ entrance and booths.
  10. The Organizer encourage visitors to use e-payment (Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Visa and Master) at ticketing counter and in the fairground. Hand sanitizers will be placed at ticketing counter, visitors must sanitize before purchase ticket.
  11. All people are welcome to use the Intelligent Disinfection Station, which placed at exhibition halls’ entrance.
  12. All official booths will undergo anti-bacterial coating for long term satanizing.
  13. First-aid service will be arranged in the fairground. Any people unwell will be arranged to a private room for medical treatment.
  14. Crowd management measures will be implied during peak time to ensure the exhibition hall will not be over crowded.


As the venue vendor, the HKCEC will enhance venue’s hygiene, measures including,

  1. HKCEC will clean and sanitize on-site facilities, tables and chairs twice a day.
  2. During exhibition period, there will be janitor on-duty to clean and sterilize in all toilets regularly.
  3. HKCEC and other restaurants will be rejected any people with wristband or under quarantine, and security guard will report to the police immediately on any violation.
  4. HKCEC’s food and beverages department will provide discounted catering services, exhibitors can enjoy their pre-ordered meal at designated time at the dining area, dining area location will be share in due course.
  5. In each exits and offices in HKCEC, there will be covered rubbish bin for disposal mask.
  6. HKCEC strictly prohibited any outside purchased food or drinks in the exhibition area. Any offenders will be denied to enter.


The Organizer will review and update the measures regularly.

Shall you have any enquiries regarding to the above, please contact the Organizer at 2591 9823.


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